With hundreds and even thousands of cigar choices, choosing a cigar can be an overwhelming task. What should I what out for when I buy a cigar? Is there a particular color I should look for? What about size?
Let’s go ahead and get you some answers to these questions.

The most obvious aspect of a cigar is its color. I’ll try not to get into a lot of overwhelming information here. The flavor of a cigar usually comes from the shade of the wrapper. The spicier cigars usually come in a darker wrapper. This is just a rule of thumb and not a hard fast rule.

If you are a new cigar smoker you will probably appreciate a lighter color.


Sometimes called English Market select has a light brown to brown color. Most often you will find these are sun-grown meaning they are not protected by canopies like shade-grown leaves. These are still very smooth even though there are fuller bodied flavor than shade-grown leaves.

Double Claro

Has a greenish tint to its wrapper and a light cigar that has had limited aging.


With a light brown color which typically signifies the cigar will be more of a mild blend.

Colorado Claro

Comes with a standard brown color. A little stronger than the Claro it is still considered a mild smoke.


They give off an excellent aroma and the wrappers are of a dark brown color.


The smoke is usually very strong in flavor and has a very dark brown wrapper in fact practically black.

The more oil and sugar content in the wrapper and the darker the color the sweeter and stronger the flavor is more likely to be. Darker wrappers usually come from higher altitudes and have spent longer at the tobacco plant. The extra exposure to sunlight produces both oil and sugar. The fermentation process is also longer.

In our next post we will discuss Cigar Sizes and what they mean.

Hope this makes your cigar selection a little easier and more fun.